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What This Therapist Community Is All About

About The Founder

Hi, fellow mental health professionals, my name is Asia E. and I am a Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist and founder of this Therapist To Therapists community. I created this space because early in my career as a therapist, I experienced severe burnout and secondary trauma all while dealing with my own mental health struggles. This caused me to feel so isolated in this career. I've found that there is so much shame and stigma even within the mental health field that causes so many of us therapists to feel isolated and alone even in talking about and tending to our own mental health. I’ve learned that I don’t have to suffer in silence and most importantly that I am human before a therapist. 


As helping professionals we carry a lot of emotional and mental labor and confront pain and trauma daily through our helping of others. This can take a huge toll on us especially as we are trying to make space to deal with our own personal stressors and needs. My mission is to help other helping professionals feel open and safe to tend to their own mental health and well-being and support them in showing up for their own healing and wellness first. I hope this page and community brings a source of support and helps my fellow mental health professionals embrace all of their humanness and know that they are not alone.

The Mission

  • To connect therapists with resources such as employment opportunities, CEU events, and trainings that will allow them to grow and thrive in their careers.

  • To encourage therapists to have their own safe healing and support spaces through the therapist and supervision directory. 

  • To empower therapists to assess and prioritize their own mental health needs through restorative care practices.

  • To highlight the unique issues and challenges that we as mental health professionals face.

  • To help Therapists navigate and feel supported in an often complex and isolated world.

  • To cultivate a community of connectedness where we can all learn and grow from each other

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