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Therapist Goodies

Become an Open Path Therapist

If you are looking for a way to offer more sliding-scale spots for clients in financial need and have the bandwidth to take on one or more sliding-scale clients, then consider joining Open Path. Open Path is a national non-profit network created by a Therapist FOR Therapists dedicated to providing affordable, in-office, and online mental health care to clients in need.

Sign up for free 90 day trial with Mental Health Match Therapist Directory

Mental Health Match is a therapist directory that connects therapists with clients who are a fit for their practice or expertise. With their smart matching system and over fifty thousand clients coming every month, Mental Health Match is a great way to get a steady stream of referrals that are the right fit for you!

Join the Trauma Treatment Collective Therapists Group

It’s an affordable membership space created for Therapists who to grow their skills and confidence in trauma treatment:


Book a free consultation now with Heard

Heard is a financial service specifically for therapists! Heard has the financial tools and experts you need, with their bookkeeping, anytime messaging support, tax planning, and payroll services all in one place! On average, Heard helps therapists save 60 hours per year in financial record keeping and $5,000 in taxes. Book a free, 15-minute consult call today.


Check out my Amazon Storefront for links to my favorite therapy supplies and LOTS of books on self-care, burnout, and all things to help Therapists thrive and care for their mental health.

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Looking to hire freelancers to help you with all of your business needs?

Check out Fiverr where you can hire experts to help you with building your website, designing your logo, assisting with your business needs and so much more



Looking for a place to wind down and have some much needed self-care relaxation time? Check out the getaway cabins which are designed to be more than a destination, but a way to create distance from the relentless demands of work, schedules, and technology. They strive for guests to experience unscheduled, unstructured, and uninterrupted free time — not just for rest and rejuvenation, but to foster inspiration, creativity, and connection.


Mentaya is a win-win for private practice therapists and their clients 

Mentaya help therapists grow their business by saving their cash-pay clients up to 80% on therapy! With Mentaya, clients can quickly check their out-of-network benefits and get reimbursed without lifting a finger. Want to reduce costs for your clients while earning your full fee? Try it risk-free for 30 days by using our promo code: T2T


Thrizer helps you be accessible while still earning your FULL rate in private practice

Thrizer is a payment platform that makes out-of-network therapy more accessible for clients by verifying clients’ OON coverage for therapy and helping them use those benefits to cover their therapy costs (yep! meaning therapists still get their full rate)! When your clients pay with Thrizer, they are only charged for what they actually owe and Thrizer covers the rest and waits for reimbursement for them. Curious to try it out? Use my code, "TTT" to get $2,500 in free payments on Thrizer.


Disclaimer: Some of these items contain affiliate links and we may earn a commission when you purchase through these links. We are not liable for any related issues with these companies.*

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