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Welcome To The Therapist To Therapists Community

A place where mental health professionals can feel seen and supported

 -From one Therapist to another



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Prioritizing Mental
Health for 

Dear Helping professionals, thank you so much for being here. You deserve to have a safe place that holds space for your mental health just like you hold so much for others. This community was designed to not only validate and honor the life-changing work that mental health professionals do but to also normalize and validate that helping professionals have mental health too. From a Therapist to other Therapists, I hope this space lets you know that you are not alone in your experiences and you are seen, appreciated, and valued. You are human first and your mental health matters.

Therapist to therapists
Therapist to therapists

Welcome, Fellow Therapists

A Support Space for Therapists

group of people high fiving
Therapist to therapists

Grow and Learn in a Supportive Space

I gently encourage you to utilize this platform to pour back into yourself as it has been designed to help you:


  • Navigate the unique and difficult challenges that we as mental health professionals encounter throughout our profession.


  • Tend to your own mental health needs and well-being. You are deserving of care and support too.


  • Connect with other Therapists and engage in a supportive space full of helping professionals who get it and where we can all grow and learn from each other


  • Access exclusive resources such as employment opportunities, training/workshops, CEU offerings, and other resources to help you grow as a person and in your career as a mental health professional.

I hope you feel seen and appreciated for all of the life-changing work you do.

Upcoming Events

March Therapist Support Group

Join us for our March Therapist Support Group on the topic of "How Internalized Oppression Impacts our Self-Care Practices"  Hosted By Pearl from IG@@TheSocialWorkerTherapist

Mar 13 | 7 PM EST

Via Zoom


Official Therapist To Therapists Merch Launch 

We are officially launching our first collection of merchandise titled "Mental Health Therapists Matter". This collection aims to honor and celebrate therapists as well as highlight that our humanness and mental health deserve to be cared for too! 

Join us in celebrating this movement by shopping our new merch line! SHOP BELOW 🎉



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Therapist to therapists

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