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The Story Behind Therapist To Therapists: Help For The Helpers

Updated: Jul 14

Ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders while trying to be the rock for others? As mental health professionals, we are often the support system for so many, yet we find ourselves isolated and struggling in silence. I know this all too well from my early days as a therapist, where burnout and secondary trauma were my constant companions. 

My name is Asia E., and just like many of you, I’ve faced the intense pressure, burnout, and isolation that comes with our field. This experience led me to a crucial realization: we need a supportive community for therapists, by therapists. I created Therapist to Therapists to be that safe haven — a place where we can support each other, share our struggles without judgment, and prioritize our own mental health. 

About the Founder

I am Asia E., a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist who has been dedicated to helping others throughout her journey. Early in my career, I was passionate and eager to make a difference, but I quickly faced the harsh realities that come with our profession. Burnout hit me hard. I was constantly giving my all to this work, and my clients, often at the expense of my own mental well-being. 

The emotional and physical exhaustion that comes from giving a part of yourself to others left me drained. Adding to this, secondary trauma — the emotional strain from hearing about others’ first-hand trauma — began to seep into my personal life. I started absorbing the pain and suffering of those I was trying to help, which became a heavy burden that I carried home every day. 

Through these experiences, I realized one thing: if I was feeling this way, other therapists must be too. We, the helpers, needed help ourselves. We needed a space where we could find the support we required. A place where we could tend to our own mental health without the fear of judgment. This realization was the seed that grew into Therapist to Therapists. 

Our Mission & Vision

Therapists are human first. We have our own mental health needs that deserve attention and care. Therapist to Therapists is my way of saying that it’s okay to prioritize yourself, to seek help, and to embrace your own humanity. 

This community is here to provide resources, support groups, and a directory to connect you with like-minded professionals. But more than that, it’s here to remind you that you are not alone. 

As I often share: I’m always open here about my own mental health especially because I want to normalize that we as therapists have mental health too and that it’s okay for us not to be okay”. 

My mission is to encourage therapists to create and maintain their own safe and healing support spaces. Through our platform, therapists are also connected with valuable tools, like employment opportunities, CEU events, and training. This helps mental health professionals grow in their careers, stay informed about the latest developments in their field, and reduce the stress and time of finding these resources. 

In summary, our community strives to normalize and validate the experiences of mental health professionals, creating a culture where supportive care is seen as a strength, not a weakness. 

Key Features of Therapist To Therapists

1. Support Groups

As mental health professionals, we hold so much emotional and mental space for others. It’s essential that we also feel seen, and supported, and have a space to process our own experiences. Our free mental health support groups help address these emotions, providing a safe, respectful, and supportive environment where you can connect with like-minded peers. 

The support group series at Therapist to Therapists is designed for:

  • Licensed mental health professionals

  • School counselors and coaches

  • Clinical interns and psychologists

  • Helpers within the mental health field

  • Behavioral therapists 

This series provides the perfect opportunity to step back from your professional responsibilities and focus on your own well-being. Our mental health support groups give you the same care and support that you so generously provide to others. After all, by supporting each other, we can better serve and support our clients with renewed energy and compassion.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the upcoming virtual Therapist Support Groups. 

2. Directory

At Therapist to Therapists, we understand that the journey of a mental health professional can be isolating and it’s imperative to have our own safe spaces to heal and be cared for. That’s why we’ve created an all-in-one directory to bridge the gap between therapists, supervisors, and resources. 

The directory includes therapists who specialize in working with other mental health professionals, providing a safe space for you to address your own mental health needs. Our directory gives you a non-judgemental space to process life and work through personal mental health struggles. Also included is a directory for therapists to find a B.I.POC supervisor as we know B.I.POC therapists are severely underrepresented in this field and this directory helps to bridge the gap to connection. 

As I always say: Let’s keep breaking this silence and shame within the mental health community that therapists are “blank slates” or “perfect robots”. No, we are human and we deserve to have our mental health prioritized and validated!”

3. Resources

We have an extensive resource library designed to help mental health teams on their personal and professional journeys. You’ll find a variety of tools, from interview questions and therapy forms to employment opportunities and training workshops, all designed to aid you in your practice and career growth. 

The resource section also contains plenty of freebies, like self-care e-books, assessment tools, and book and podcast suggestions. In addition, we have an all-in-one resource packet filled with therapy worksheets, websites, and workbooks, to help you during your personal healing and professional growth journey.

The digital planner and self-care guide help keep your mental health needs in check while you support your clients. 

Therapist to Therapists Merchandise

We believe that your mental health and humanness deserve to be cherished and cared for, just as you care for your clients. This idea led to the birth of our first merchandise collection, “Mental Health Therapists Matter + Therapist’s Mental Health Matters”. 

Our merchandise is not just about clothing; it’s about promoting mental health awareness and celebrating all that therapists do every day. Wearing these shirts is a way to show solidarity with fellow therapists and honor the life-changing work we perform. 

My mission in creating my brand and this new merch line is to help other therapists feel open and safe to tend to their own mental health and well-being and feel recognized for the transformative work that we do! 

I hope by creating this line that it will build awareness that we are human, our work is invaluable, and ultimately continue to give all of us therapists a voice!”

All therapists who sign up for the Merch List receive a VIP discount and will receive early access and discounts to new merch drops! 


At Therapist to Therapists, our mission is to create a supportive and empowering community for mental health professionals. Founded from a place of personal struggle and realization, we aim to provide the resources, recognition, and support that therapists need and deserve. 

From our support groups and directory to heartfelt merchandise, everything is designed to help therapists feel supported and valued in their journeys. So, join us now, because together, we can break the silence and stigma within our field and embrace our humanity!

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